Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hey, I'd like to find out about your opinions on religeon.
What do you think of it? What religion did you grow up with? stuff like that.
Personally, I think in most cases when parents teach their children about religion
they only contrait on theirs and they don't really tell them about other ones, for instance
they'd teach only about christianity and only later on when the kid's older he finds out
about budhism, hinduism, etc.
Thus, the kid lives knowing only one religion and has to follow it since his parents "know best".
I'm an atheist myself, but when I was a christian and even now I really find it hard to
believe that there's this big man (or woman) also known as God up top observing each
and everyone's moves and he'll judge you on all of your actions, so you've got to be a
good boy at all times and go to church every weekend (I'm reffering to christianity) and all the other
stuff like that? well...


HoTDoG.Corp said...

religion needs to go bye bye... it has no place in society anymore

Bass T-Bone said...

Best thing I've seen about religion:
"I believe religion destroys a person's ability to rationally cope with the world and grow into an intelligent, reasonable person"

gumblord said...

if that's the way you think, that's the way you think.

Anonymous said...

I am personally against it.

MynameisEarl said...

Religion: I'm A-Okay with.
Organised Religion: I detest with a passion.

I was baptised as a Catholic, raised a Catholic and grew up as an Agnostic.

Personally, religion these days is becoming more antagonistic and fanaticised especially with the big 3: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. They preach the word of God and his/her/it's love yet they do the opposite to his/her/it's teachings. Plus always hating on a religions that isn't theirs and would often kill for it.

Some Atheists are also the same as religious followers these days in terms of antagonism. Since when did Atheism mean to make a symbol for Atheism, believe in science and to disprove the exisitence of God?

Last time I checked, Atheism meant "no(n) belief" and nothing in regards to Philosophy, the sciences and nature as they are separate things all together. Militant Atheists these days are giving real Atheists a bad name by always hating on people who follow religions and trying to unconvert them - now who's being unfair?

In response to your opinion, I believe kids should be free to choose their own religion whether they want it or whether they should wait until they reach the age of reason. Choosing a religion for them will only give them a narrow mind and make them conform to the same mentality as kids that are in the same religion as they are in. As such is a mentality that they grew up with and is most accustomed to.

Last point, what's so special with the religions of today as to the religions of the Romans, Greeks, Sumerians, Aborigines, Celts, Africans etc? Aren't they all the same? Look at them, they perform the same things on a specific day, have special events that coincide with the calendar, shout praises into the air, flock into a private but public area, etc. Is it because that we are more civilised than they were? Imagine living in their time and finding your nearest car, TV, ctock exchange or Mickey Ds and see who's more civilised in THEIR time.


Mc Myshkin said...

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Luigi said...

following bro..keep going ;)